Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Childhood studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Childhood studies - Essay Example The approach postulated by Aries was later amplified and to some extent misinterpreted by intellectuals who noticed the appalling characteristics of the pre-modern childhood. For instance, the increased death rates, harsh discipline muted to the children, and the idea of child labour. Additionally, some patterns were observed to be surrounding the childhood concept. For example, societal naming system that derives names of the dead in naming newborn children. Indeed, the system was a cavalier approach to the death of the infants and individuality of the children (Stearns, 2005, p.4). Morrison (2012, p.28) argues that in the attempt to find answers to the overarching problems that face the children in the contemporary world, there is a need to focus on the academic works. The global history of children adds to the advancement of the conditions of numerous children in today’s world. Professors and scholars can greatly inspire their learners to focus care on the rights of children, provide critical thinking perspectives and problem-solving techniques as a necessity to turn care into actions. Essentially, global childhood historians can serve the purpose of consultancy for policy-makers and activists who seek the parallels of history regarding children issues. Further, historians can trace the root causes of the problems that faced children including child labour and violence. Therefore, the disadvantaged and destitute children must not receive blame for existing conditions. Scholars, for example, Shulamith Shahar critiqued and proved wrong Aries’ theory that childhood had no abode in the medieval world. In his book Childhood in the Middle Ages, Shahar claims that the theory postulated by Aries is erroneous since no community can physically survive in the absence of child nurturing traditions, channels of knowledge transmission, and rich avenues for the young to socialize. Further, Shahar maintains that just because the middle-aged children were involved in

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